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Lab-Grown Meat? How Food Technology Could Change What’s On Your Plate

Vegetarians have long been familiar with meat substitutes — including “meat” patties made from soy or “crispy chicken” that is actually plant protein. But if you’re a carnivore, a steak is a steak, and it comes from a cow. Or does it? These days, advancements in technology aren’t limited to just your smartphone or appliances. Food technology is a growing business, meaning lab-grown meat could be headed to your plate soon. According to a December 2020 Bloomberg report, lab meat is getting closer to hitting supermarket shelves. But is lab-grown meat bad for you, and what does lab grown meat taste like. Let’s dig in to these questions, as well as the potential pros and cons of the rise of artificial meat. What Is Lab-Grown Meat? Traditionally, getting meat means breeding an animal, sending it to slaughter and then packaging up the meat to sell. So what is lab-grown meat made of? Instead of raising live animals for their meat, to make artificial meat (also known as “slaughter-f

What is computer security

Although computer security is a very comprehensive concept , the truth is that we can broadly define computer security as all those tools that make up an information systems protection platform, in order to prevent the theft of sensitive information as well as to prevent hardware and software damage.

Computer security implements different mechanisms to solve the problems that could arise due to the vulnerability that can be caused by bad practices carried out by users, whether intentional or accidental, and that is why it is considered essential in the actual world.

With the enormous popularity that the internet has achieved in recent decades, cybercriminals and hackers have become increasingly specialized in creating deception methods, and this of course has required the development of increasingly powerful tools to protect security. around computer systems.


Even more so with the arrival of cloud storage and the arrival of the internet of things, each day that passes users we are facing greater vulnerabilities in our networks, both home and corporate, and it is precisely there where the Informatic security. TC Bolts


In order to have a basic idea of ​​how computer security works, we must know in general standards on which it is based. Basically, these standards are usually a set of rules or guidelines that are implemented in order to guarantee the security of information and networks.


These types of guidelines can not only be found in business areas, where information protection is of the utmost importance, but are also necessary in any type of digital network, including those that work within a reduced scenario, such as a home network. Of course, computer security is also found individually each time a user uses their computer or cell phone.


We speak of computer security for example when establishing security standards such as the use of passwords to access the system. Computer security is present both when we unlock our cell phone using a Pin, a pattern or our fingerprint, as well as when an employee of a company must enter a password to access the database of the area in which it operates.


Each of the cybersecurity standards that are implemented at the individual, group or corporate level, are created taking into account the particular needs and concerns of each case.

All these security platforms, despite the differences that may exist between them, ultimately have the same objective, which is to protect computer security in all possible aspects.


And if we talk about the objectives of computer security, in general we must point out that they basically respond to three specific objectives, which are grouped into confidentiality, integrity and availability.


Basically, all computer and information security platforms seek to address these objectives, which are to be able to protect the confidentiality of data, while trying to preserve the integrity of said data while promoting the availability of data for authorized use.


These objectives are ultimately the central foundation of all security programs, which in their development allow the generation of a comprehensive plan that provides the appropriate tools to protect computer systems.

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