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What is a wireless network

Technically, WiFi is a set of specifications for wireless local networks (WLAN Wireless Local Area Network) based on the IEEE 802.11 standard. The name WiFi is an abbreviation of the English term  "Wireless Fidelity".  nanobiztech   It is common to find the term WiFi written as "Wi-Fi", "Wi-fi" or even "wifi". All those names refer to the identical generation.   With WiFi technology, it is possible to  implement networks that connect computers and other compatible devices such  as cell phones, video game consoles, printers and other devices that are geographically close.   globalmarketingbusiness   These networks do not require the use of cables, since they carry out the transmission of data through radio frequency. How WiFi works One of the most widespread technologies in recent times, and that with greater momentum and speed is incorporating into our daily lives without a doubt is as we have been  allinonetechs    mentioning in this art

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