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Lab-Grown Meat? How Food Technology Could Change What’s On Your Plate

Vegetarians have long been familiar with meat substitutes — including “meat” patties made from soy or “crispy chicken” that is actually plant protein. But if you’re a carnivore, a steak is a steak, and it comes from a cow. Or does it? These days, advancements in technology aren’t limited to just your smartphone or appliances. Food technology is a growing business, meaning lab-grown meat could be headed to your plate soon. According to a December 2020 Bloomberg report, lab meat is getting closer to hitting supermarket shelves. But is lab-grown meat bad for you, and what does lab grown meat taste like. Let’s dig in to these questions, as well as the potential pros and cons of the rise of artificial meat. What Is Lab-Grown Meat? Traditionally, getting meat means breeding an animal, sending it to slaughter and then packaging up the meat to sell. So what is lab-grown meat made of? Instead of raising live animals for their meat, to make artificial meat (also known as “slaughter-f

What components does my PC have? How to use Speccy to find out

For many people,  buying a new PC can become one of the worst nightmares possible, which usually begins with choosing the components to incorporate, the installation of the operating system and applications, and only ends when positions on the desk and turns on to start working. Lifebloombeauty  But unfortunately there are some more aspects to take into account after the storm passes, such as the fact of knowing if the hardware components that we ask for and for which we pay have really been placed, which will always generate uncertainty and doubts, especially in those who do not have computer skills. Futuretechexpert


Since ultimately there is no worse enemy than ignorance, in this article we will teach you, through a software called Speccy, how to know what the true components of our computer are and thus compare with what we pay, to be truly sure to know what is inside our new computer. While it is most likely that we have received exactly what we asked for and paid for, the truth is that there can always be a margin of error, and that as a result our PC has been armed with components of lower quality and price than those we requested. Of course, unfortunately, this situation will never be reversed, in which case we will surely not protest. Naturalbeautytrends

How to know what our PC has inside

To clarify a bit and clear up any doubts we may have regarding the components that have been installed on the PC, there are several free tools on the market that will give us a hand when it comes to reliably identifying each of the hardware components. that make it up, all of them large capacity and used in technical service environments and IT experts. But one of the most effective and complete that we can find is Speccy, mainly due to the large number of benefits and features it offers, but above all because of the precision with which it is able to perfectly identify all the hardware of our PC. , even if it already has its good years with us.

How to know the hardware of my PC with Speccy

Developed by the famous  Piriform , with extensive experience in the field of hardware and software, and also creator of one of the best tools for optimizing a Windows PC such as CCleaner , Speccy is another of the jewels that the company offers in your catalog. As easy and transparent to use as CCleaner is, the first thing that stands out about Speccy is that it offers the user an interface that is capable of showing us all the information about our PC , well ordered and in a way that is easy to read and understand. , suitable for all types of users, not just those who already have experience in the field.


This information is subdivided into groups in the left panel of the application, and it will only be enough to click on an item for the program to offer us abundant and detailed information about that particular hardware element, as we can see later in this same post. Techsmartinfo


While there are two versions of Speccy, one paid and one free, the free version of Speccy is more than enough for most users' needs. The free version of Speccy offers us the possibility to see what our computer has inside through a complete report where each hardware point of the same is detailed, including details of the RAM memory , the operating system, the video card, storage units, CPU, plus some more real-time data, such as the temperature of some components.


All this data will allow us to know if what we paid is what we got. However, all this information can also be very useful to make decisions when updating or buying new hardware . It should be noted that all this data can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet or a text file, which will make it easier for us to share it with technicians or other people. Smarttechpros  




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